Day: October 10, 2023

Warehouse Flooring – Why Polished Concrete Is Best For WarehousesWarehouse Flooring – Why Polished Concrete Is Best For Warehouses

Warehouse flooring must be tough and durable in order to withstand the heavy loads of trucks, machinery, industrial equipment and the frequent movement of products. The floors should also be safe for workers, resistant to chemicals and able to hold up to temperature changes. In addition, the floors must be easy to clean and maintain a high level of hygienic conditions in order to provide a good working environment for employees. Various floor coatings and options are available to meet the specific requirements for warehouse floors. However, polished concrete is generally one of the front-runners when it comes to the best flooring for

A Buyer’s Guide to Warehouse Flooring: Making the Best Choice

Traditionally, warehouse concrete floors are coated in epoxy coatings to create a smooth surface that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. These coatings can easily handle the heavy foot and vehicle traffic common to most warehouses and can resist damage from a wide range of chemicals. However, the epoxy coatings tend to peel and flake after a while, leaving the bare concrete to become dusty, break forklift tires, and be difficult to maintain.

The advantage of polished concrete is that it eliminates the need for a coating, meaning that it is cheaper and easier to maintain than an epoxy coating. Furthermore, polished concrete can be stained with acid-based or water-based stains in order to customize the space further and give it a more unique look. There are a number of different color options available, and the stains can be applied to the entire warehouse or limited to more customer-facing areas.