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Avoid Getting Ripped Off With Pay-Per-Sports Picks

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Almost anyone can create a website and start selling sports picks to bettors. They can make claims like hitting an unbelievable 80% rate without ever giving any information about the research that goes into their selections. This is a big red flag. If these people were real experts, they would likely be betting their own money and not selling their picks.

Many of these touts sell a range of different types of picks, from moneyline single-game selections to futures and point spreads. Some charge a one-time fee, while others have subscription-based models. Generally, paying for these picks is not a good idea for most amateur/casual bettors.

Maximizing Your Wins: Tips for Choosing Winning Sports Picks

The most important thing to remember about buying sports picks is that they are not a shortcut to profitability. Even if you find a winning tout, it will still be an uphill battle to break even or come out ahead on your investments.

While there are times to look at pay-per-pick services, it’s best to use them sparingly. These services are generally not reputable and most touts will try to oversell their picks. Look for the red flags mentioned below to avoid getting ripped off.

If the game is labeled as a “pick ’em,” this means that neither team has a significant advantage or disadvantage. The line may move on news or injuries, but the overall odds of the game being a win or loss remain unchanged.

A common tout trick is to claim that they have a lock pick for a given game. We have all seen this happen before when an underdog breaks out to a huge win, shocking everyone, including the expert tout.

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