Carto Grafiassono Recreation Buying a Jaguar E-Type

Buying a Jaguar E-Type

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The Jaguar E-Type is one of the most desirable classic cars in the world, and prices reflect this. If you’re thinking of buying an E-Type you need to approach it with educated caution. The car can be a wonderful purchase, or a nightmare, depending on how you look after it. This article is intended to provide the fundamental information you need to know before spending a large sum of money on an E-Type. Check this out

The first thing to remember is that an old Jaguar is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. This is true of most collector cars, but it’s particularly important when buying an iconic Jaguar E-Type. It’s therefore essential to go into your purchase with eyes wide open and a mind in ultra logical Star Trek Mr Spock mode.

Designing for the Future: Forward-Thinking Elements in E-Type Jaguar Builds

Jaguar’s original ambition for the E-Type was to win Le Mans, and William Lyons was keen to create a lowdrag racecar that would compete with the Ford GT40 and Chevy Camaro. However, he didn’t have the funds to completely revise the existing XK140 design.

Instead, he used some of the unused chassis numbers from the original six Lightweights to build new continuation models. Jaguar’s in-house craftsmen used the latest laser scanning technology to digitally map the inner and outer surfaces of each bodyshell to a resolution of a fraction of a millimeter. This enormous attention-to-detail helped them to construct the new cars that are so faithful to their 1960s counterparts.

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