Carto Grafiassono Health Career Options for Chemists and Pharmacy Technicians

Career Options for Chemists and Pharmacy Technicians

There are many career options for chemists & pharmacy technicians. Many pharmacists practice in pharmaceutical industries, where they market and sell drugs to doctors. A pharmacist must possess excellent articulation skills and a professional demeanor. College professors must have excellent communication skills and patient, detail-oriented attitudes, as they spend long hours teaching students about the complexities of medical conditions. Chemistry majors study the chemistry of various substances and how they interact. They research the composition of chemicals and determine the best ways to use them. They develop new drugs and test existing pharmaceutical products for quality and effectiveness.

A Pharmacist’s Skills Also Include The Ability To Assess And Apply Scientific Literature

Medicinal chemistry is the study of the chemical structure and properties of medicines. This is an area of specialization that encompasses the design, manufacture, and use of pharmaceutical products. Because of the chemical nature of medicines, their early histories overlap. In the United States, medicinal chemistry is a required part of the pharmacy curriculum. A pharmacist has a thorough knowledge of medicine and how it works, as well as the way it is manufactured, stored, and handled.

A pharmacist’s skills also include the ability to assess and apply scientific literature to develop evidence-based patient-specific pharmacotherapy plans. A pharmacist’s training in medicinal chemistry provides a firm knowledge base in the chemical basis of drug action, pharmacology, and ADMET. Pharmacy students gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential in the healthcare industry. For this reason, many pharmacists go on to become pharmacy technicians.

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