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Choosing a Concrete Repair Mix

Choosing the right concrete repair mix is critical to your success. You want a product that is designed for the specific type of damage you are attempting to fix. Some products are designed to be self-leveling, others will work better for resurfacing and some are intended to help the concrete withstand ongoing movement of the slab. The type of repair is also an important factor, because different types of damage require different methods of repair.

For example, spalling, which is the breaking off of small pieces of concrete from a surface, can be repaired with a sealant. This will prevent the damage from getting worse and is a relatively easy task. However, if your concrete has heaved or dropped, it will need to be repaired using a jack or lift and will require a much more involved approach.

Creating a Strong Bond: Using Concrete Repair Mix for Long-Lasting Results

The types of concrete repair products available have become more sophisticated over the years, and there are several choices to consider when selecting the appropriate mix for your project. Many of the newer products are polymer-modified, which means that they are a traditional portland cement and aggregate mixture with additional ingredients added to help achieve a higher strength. They are often designed for use in applications that require a very sticky material, such as overhead or vertical repairs.

When purchasing a concrete repair mix, it is important to read the instructions carefully and follow them closely to ensure that your job is successful. You will need to prepare the area before application. This is often as simple as sweeping and pressure washing but may involve the use of a hammer and chisel to remove any loose concrete. It is a good idea to use a moisture meter to test the concrete and make sure that it is dry before proceeding with the repair.

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