Carto Grafiassono Shopping Colombian Fajas

Colombian Fajas

Colombianas fajas, which are the color of Ace bandages and resemble body casts, originated in Colombia as post-surgery girdles worn by people who had liposuction or other plastic surgeries to minimize swelling. But they have since become popular among women in general for everyday wear, with fashion sales overtaking medical ones more than five years ago, says Juan Lopez, a co-owner of the family-owned company that imports fajas from Colombia to Valley Stream, N.Y., on Long Island. The garments have become so popular that they now appear in stores that cater to Latina customers, including retailers in Great Neck and Garden City, two neighborhoods with small Colombian populations.

Sculpting Elegance: Discovering the Allure and Benefits of Colombianas Fajas

While the primary purpose of fajas is to reduce inches and create a slimmer waistline, they also offer several health and wellness benefits. For example, fajas redistribute and compress fat, which can improve posture, support the lower back, increase blood flow, and help eliminate toxins from the body. They are also useful for post-op recovery after surgery, such as c-sections or tummy tucks.

Many fajas are available in different levels of compression, from light to extra-firm, which is important for those who want to shape their body with comfort. Before making a purchase, consider the level of compression that will be most comfortable for you, and refer to the product descriptions and customer reviews to make your choice. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns, it’s always best to consult an expert who can provide guidance based on your unique needs.

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