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Maredumilli Travel Guide

Located in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh, Maredumilli Travel Guide is a scenic spot that has a lot of attractions for nature lovers. Its landscape includes undulating plains, dense forests, streams and waterfalls. It is a good place to relax and spend a weekend.

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The major tourist attractions are Annavaram Temple and the Pampa Reservoir. The area is also home to many species of animals, including the tiger. You can enjoy a picnic in this part of the forest.

The Jalatarangini waterfall is another popular spot in the region. The fall is located near the Rajahmundry – Badrachalam highway. This waterfall is a beautiful site, especially during monsoon. You can hike to the fall and take a dip in the clear water. You can also take a jeep ride to the waterfall.

The nearby locations to Maredumilli include Rampachodavaram, Kakinada and Kakinada Territorial Forest Division. The latter is a famous place for its maredu trees. You can hire a cab or rent a car to travel from these places to the Maredumilli village. The road to the waterfall is maintained by local villagers.

The Maredumilli Forest Rest House is located in the village. The facility is available to all travelers. This is one of the premium eco-tourism projects in India. It has been developed by the Forest Department.

The other popular attractions of the region include the Jungle Star Nature Camp, which is located next to the river Valamuru. The campsite is a nature lover’s paradise.

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