Carto Grafiassono Blog School Staging – Choosing the Right Type of Staging For Schools

School Staging – Choosing the Right Type of Staging For Schools

portable staging for schools

School stages are an excellent option for any classroom, gym or other multi-use space. They’re easy to set up and break down, making them ideal for use during a variety of events or classes. They’re also a great choice for allowing students to showcase their talents without having to worry about limiting noise levels.

There are three main types of portable staging for schools : portable, mobile and permanent. Portable staging is the most common type for schools as it’s flexible and can easily be moved to different locations. This is unlike a permanent stage which is built into the building and can only be used in one configuration.

Designing the Perfect Stage: A Deep Dive into Modular Systems

Choosing the right type of portable staging for your school is important. Consider how your school will use it, whether you want it for performances or speeches and the tone of the event. You’ll also need to consider the size of your venue and how many people will be using it. Smaller stages are easier to manage, while larger ones may require more than one person for setup.

A modular system like StackaStage is the best school staging for most schools. This is because it’s simple to assemble and comes with a comprehensive set of instructions for use. It’s designed with safety in mind and all parts have rounded edges to minimise the risk of injury. It’s also lightweight, allowing it to be carried by a single person and transported in specialised trolleys. Additional accessories are available such as guard rails and valences to complete the staging setup.

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