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Sejong Real Estate


A soaring apartment price in Sejong, the newly designated city where the government relocated its headquarters eight years ago, has drawn criticism from netizens who say that officials are buying property in order to profit from the increased rental market. A spokesman for the Korea Appraisal Board said that apartment prices rose by 0.97 percent between July 14 and 20 compared to the previous week, while jeans deposits, or long-term rent deposits, jumped by a similar percentage. Check this

Sejong’s Luxury Real Estate: What Sets it Apart from the Rest

The special supply program that guaranteed government workers relocating to Sejong City the right to purchase apartments there has turned into a “jackpot,” some experts say, with those who did so making tens of millions of won in profits. The program was intended to help government employees get stable housing in the city, but it has also caused friction between generations within the government. Many young employees hired recently at ministries that previously moved to Sejong are not eligible to buy homes in the city under the special supply program.

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