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What Are Some Types of Printing Services?

A Brief History of Printing Services The first printing service used in the Western world was woodblock printing. A block of wood, usually red oak, was carved carefully and painted with indelible ink. But the process was very time-consuming and very tiring. It was devised by Johannes Buttgenbach, who improved on the method in 1490.

How to Choose Types of Printing Services?

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As printing services developed more sophisticated, some processes became more suited to specific purposes. One example was offset lithography printing, which is printing from a plate that has been engraved, rather than printed from a press in a factory. By doing this, the image does not need to be copied as it would in a traditional printing press. This printing quality can be seen in books, catalogs, flyers, posters, and other items produced by modern printing services.

Today’s social media websites and printing services have made printing services more useful. Many companies use social media sites to publicize new products, events, and seasonal promotions. For instance, last month’s Christmas cards and holiday greeting cards featured photos of Santa Claus, along with a brief description. The social media sites also allow for short biographical sketches, or short slogans, that are displayed on the front of the cards. Printed materials such as these can reach a much greater number of people than could be reached by traditional methods, such as cards or mailing letters.

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