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Why Whanganui River Canoe Hire is So Popular

whanganui river canoe hire

If you’re planning a trip to Whangaparaoa or Napier for your holiday this summer, you will no doubt be looking for a way to get to them easily. One option is to take a ferry to the islands – but you may well find that you don’t have enough time. Or perhaps you could hire a canoe or kayak to make the trip easier. Whanganui river canoe hire is one of the most popular ways to get around these areas, and you can guarantee that you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the attractions and try out some new skills along the way. It is surprising just how quickly a kayak can move – you can reach the island of Whitianga in under two hours and back again. And often the kayaks are equipped with picnic facilities so you can enjoy some time out in the open while you explore the many lakes and rivers of this region.

How to Do Whanganui River Canoe Hire

It is easy to see why the Whanganui River is so popular with visitors. It’s a long, narrow, fast and exciting waterway through a national forest, and there are plenty of things to do in Whanganui on every part of the water, from snorkelling to swimming to lounging by the edge. In fact, if you visit Whanganui, the first thing you should do is to consider doing a short cruise along the Whanganga River from Whangaparaoa to Napier and then on to Takaka and Temuka. This is a wonderful way to get a feel for some of the best Whangaparaoa accommodation options – such as the award-winning Diamantina Hotel or the beautiful Te Puna Hotel – and also gives you the chance to sample some Whanganui culture. In fact, it is likely that many of the people who have visited Whangaparaoa over the years also would love to stay in a place like Takaka or Napier, which are only about an hour’s drive away on the other side.

River cruises in Whangaparaoa and other parts of the Wairakei River are popular events and they can fill up fast, so if you want to save yourself some time you might consider a trip on a canoe. There’s plenty of equipment on board the boats too, so you won’t be restricted to walking around the banks. You’ll be in a position to sit down and take in the scenery too; you won’t have to worry about finding a campsite and making your way around. A river cruise is the perfect way to relax, let go and take things easy for a couple of days.

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