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Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

yoga teacher training bali

The Indonesian island of yoga teacher training bali is well-known for its spiritual ambiance and lush natural beauty, making it an ideal setting for yoga teacher training. It’s a wellness hub that’s packed with healthy vegan eateries, Ayurvedic centers, and holistic spas.

Whether you want to deepen your practice or become a yoga instructor, there’s a Bali yoga teacher training for everyone. Usually, intensive residential courses last between 21-60 days and focus on different styles of yoga including Vinyasa flow, hatha, yin, and restorative. Some of these Bali yoga teacher training locations also offer free dormitory accommodation or homestay and onsite cafes.

This yoga training Bali is located in a beautiful beachside retreat and offers a full month of study with daily led classes, self-practice (mysore style), asana clinics, and a final 1 hour teaching practice. During the training students will be introduced to traditional hatha yoga as well as modern vinyasa flow which they’ll learn how to blend together to create a unique yoga style of their own.

Embark on a Transformational Journey: Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

This 300-hour yoga teacher training is a bit more expensive than the other YTT Bali options on this list but it’s a great option for anyone looking to get certified as a yoga instructor. The program is divided into 2 parts: a practical, in-person segment based in Uluwatu and an online section that can be completed from anywhere. During this time, students will experience a wide variety of yoga styles and have the chance to learn about different aspects of yoga including philosophy, meditation, chanting, and more.

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