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Yoga Teacher Training

When most people think about doing a yoga teacher training in Bali, they are not only thinking of Bali, but also its Ubud which comes to mind. All styles of yoga are available in the best-known international yoga studios here in Ubud, Bali. It was not until I came here to do my yoga teacher training that I realized just how big an expanse there is of yoga worldwide and in Bali.

What Is Hatha Yoga And What Is Bali Yoga?

The best way to learn how to teach yoga is to either go on a full time course or take a short certification course at a local centre. There are many centres and teachers who will give you the proper training to become a yoga teacher. Once you have your yoga teacher certification, you can open your own yoga practice center or instruct yoga workshops in the places you visit. Or you can continue to work for a yoga teacher training course or for an institution and acquire your yoga teacher certificate.

There are two levels of yoga style and you can choose the one that suits you best. If you wish to get into the higher forms of yoga styles like Iirtha Yoga or Hatha Yoga then you will need to complete a more intense teacher training orifice flange. It is not necessary that you have to complete a full hothouse course or a two-week residency to get into these styles. But you will have to devote sufficient time to study the science of yoga and to master the various postures and breathing techniques which are required to become a practitioner of this wonderful physical practice.

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